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The 100185-01 is a self-contained battery charger which provides a reliable consistent recharge of up to six batteries simultaneously. The 100185-01 auto senses the battery type to assure the proper charge profile is used. 


Unattended Charging:  Smart Charge modules detect open or shorted cells. If a defective cell is detected the 100185-01 will not start the charge cycle. Once charging is completed, on a non-defective battery, the 100185-01 will maintain the battery with a trickle charge for as long as the battery is connected to the 100185-01. In no event will a battery be overcharged using the 100185-01 charger.

Wide Range of Input Voltage:  A wide range of AC and DC input voltages allows for operation from nearly any AC or DC power source likely to be encountered worldwide.
Recharges Each String of Cells:  To assure a positive recharge of the battery each individual string of battery cells is recharged independently.

Optional Accessories: 
Worldwide AC Input cables
DC Input Cable with NATO Connector

Part Number 100185-01
AC Input 95-265 VAC / 47-440Hz
DC Input 9-36 VDC
DC Output 26.5 VDC
Weight 25 lbs. (without battery)
Size 24.25 x 19.5 x8.75 Tall
Operating Temperature -0ºC to 45ºC (determined by battery chemistry)
Storage Temperature -50ºC to 65ºC
Humidity 95% relative
Battery Type BB-2590/390/590
PART NUMBER: 100185-01