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PART NUMBER: 100191-01
Time Standard ModuleBattery Charger
The 100191-01 Time Standard Module Charger is designed
to provide an external power source to the TSM to keep the
internal battery assembly charged and prevent the lose of data.

The TSM (Time Standard Module) is a portable, rechargeable
battery assembly-powered, time,frequency and data transfer
device which operates in either host or transit mode.

In the Host mode (connected to the host equipment), the TSM
may provide to or receive from the host equipment Universal
Time Coordinated time information, frequency, and data. 
While in the host mode, the host equipment provides the TSM
with operating and rechargeable battery assembly
charge power.

In the Transit mode (not connected to the host equipment)
the TSM retains the data and time loaded into the memory, and measures elapsed time since time and data were last updated.  While in transit mode the TSM is powered by an internal rechargeable battery assembly.


AC Input:                                    90 - 264 VAC   47 - 63 Hz               DC Input:                                     6 - 36 VDC
LED Indicators:                           Charger status each TSM
Size:                                           16.00L x 13.00W x 6.875H
Weight:                                       approx 15.0 lbs
Operating Temperature:             Determined by the TSM-BT1
                                                   internal battery charge temperature
                                                   specifications: -0°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature:                -40oC to 55oC
Altitude:                                     50,000 feet above sea level
Humidity:                                    95% relative
Cables Included:                        200115-01-096 AC Power Cable