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PART NUMBER: 100133A-01
The 100133A-01 Transceiver Shock Mount Tray is designed to allow ease of installation of transceivers with attached power adapters or power supplies.

The 100133A-01 can be used where vibration or shock totransceivers is a concern.(HMMWVs, Strykers, MRAPs, etc.)
Equipment Installation:

Transceivers with attached power adapters or power supplies easily attach directly to the Transceiver Shock Mount Tray by using the single latch in the front. 

Integrated Vibration Shock Mount:

The 100133A-01 Transceiver Shock MountTray uses four vibration mounts mounted between the top and bottom plates to protect the transceiver from shock and vibration.    
AN/PRC-117G with 100121A-01 Transceiver
Power Supply & 100133A-01 Shock mount
                    Tray Attached
         (transceiver & lock not included)
           (transceiver sold separately)
100133A01 Transceiver
Shock Mount Tray

Part Number:                                   100133A-01

Weight:                                            3.5 lbs.

Size:                                                5.25H x 7.25W x 13.00D

Transceiver:                                   AN/PRC-117G Transceiver